Don’t Be Like Me…

Hey there, I have being around this crowded internet space for a while and I have been stuffed with too much information. In fact, I caught I got a disease. Fear not, it is not infectious but can be transferred if you fail to listen to what happened to me. I got this disease, because of the things I ate and the things I did. I wanted to make it online so bad, that I was on forums, discussion groups and more. I was hungry to make a change but I was not going about it the right way.

I combed every website you could think of in search of a faster way to make money online and be a success but I was fooled. I later discovered that there is no quick way to make money online. If there is, watch out it must be a SCAM and you guessed right, I was scammed as well…don’t ask!.

It is hard to believe how I survived through those perilous days as my disease was rapidly spreading and finally gave way to INTERNET OBESSITY (Information Overload)

Imagine a 600 pounds lady with a flabby belly. The sight is just horrendous. Life can be tough at times, till it makes one so uncomfortable. You may be wondering why I am saying all this, I am because I have been there. That obsessed lady was me and this is my story. I had so much I wanted to do, I had this desire to make loads of cash to be able to take care of my family. I wanted to live my life happy and feel good I achieved something.

When I first started, I was lost and confused online, I had things I wanted to talk about, like photography, marketing ,interior decors  and many more fun stuffs. having snooped around online for a while, I found out that people talking about the things i wanted to talk about, I was sacred to give it a try. Learnt a lot of things but the FEAR of TRYing often held me back. I kept thinking “would I even rank in Google or not”. If you have this thought right now, kindly press the *DELETE* button. It is not true.

Get rid of fear, live in a global village, let me assure you that as little as your name is, its one of the keyword in Google,no matter how low its being RANKED. Stop now and type your name in Google , Celebrate, if you see your name. if you don’t see it, send me a mail and I would help you out.

But its interesting how I have been guided and trained and I want to help you do the same.

Stay tuned and leave me any comments, ideas or questions you would like me to talk about.Would be totallie down to earth with you all.

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